Are You Ready to Learn the Art of the Deal?

How is it Possible to Be In the Real Estate Business With No License, No Reputation and No Capital!
Don’t let the fact that you don’t have any qualifications at all stop you from becoming a real estate mogul like Donald Trump.

In fact, most people that get into the “house flipping” business actually started out as amateurs or enthusiasts. None of them have licenses or credentials and they still manage to make hundreds of thousands of dollars using the methods described in Serious Real Estate Wealth.

The key is understanding that you are NOT buying the property! You are buying a contract that you can assign to anyone else in return for your asking price!
In my ebook I got to great lengths to explain the buying and transaction process in great detail including –
How you can get into this business with less than two hundred bucks in your account

How you can manage to buy properties with no cash or no cash down!

How to convince a down and out owner to part with a property that you are sure you can sell

What to put on the table when you are trying to arrange an agreement between buyer and seller

How to find out how much money someone may owe on a property

What to do if current owners cannot agree to your price and work with them so that your proposal is more viable

How complete a contract of sale between yourself and the property owner where they are a seller and you are a buyer

Where to find standard sales contracts that you can use for free to finalize your transactions

How obtain or buy contractors from professional organizations such as the National Association of Realtors

How to leave a ten dollar deposit with the seller to seal the deal!

How to close the deal in 45 days or less!

How to sell even without any kind of buyer set up in advance!

…and everything else that you need to know to seal the deal legally and officially so that you are rolling in the dough effortlessly!

Of course, you are not going to get anywhere in this business if you don’t know how to market yourself which is why I devote a whole chapter on this subject in Serious Real Estate Wealth as well.

Success all comes down to marketing and in this groundbreaking eBook, I teach you how to get that phone ringing off the hook with calls from people who both want to buy and sell from you including –
How to find a substantial list of people that you can promote every property you find to

Why the strength of your buyer list will ultimately decide how successful you are

How to recognize a red “hot” prospect

How to get so savvy that you can shift almost any property with just an e-mail, phone call or fax

How to advertise the fact that you can get rid of their property at no cost to them

How to market yourself as someone who gets personally involved so that your sellers trust you

Why it is illegal to market yourself as a realtor or property professional in any way

How to create an ad that sells or buys without breaking any rules or making false promises

How to write a broad generic advertisement that says you want houses that you can post just about anywhere

The best places on the internet to post your advertisements so you can target your locality

How to advertise to attract people who are looking to rehab house

How to do cold “calls” and collect essential information such as emails and phone numbers from people who call you to create a customer database

How to write an ad that lures them in with a deal that might not actually exist

How to advertise the property before you actually have the contract with the seller all sewed up

How to write the perfect copy to get it sold as soon as possible

The definition of a “knockdown deal” and how to present one to buyers

The “lingo” and jargon you should use when writing advertising that sells like “Handyman Special!”

How to make the sale sound like it is going fast by putting some kind of time limit on it

In addition, I have included a complete list of really great places online you can post your information about the properties that you have.

I also explain how you can market using Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing or Microsoft Advertising.

Yet another thing I explain is how you can submit property details to run a three-day property auction using the site I teach you how to set the auction so that all viewers can bid either by placing their bid online or by contacting you to ask you to do it on their behalf and how to use open bidding systems like this to help push the price of the property up.

When you have an agreed upon buyer you can place the deal under contract and collect your money!

Of course, when it comes to this business there is one way to skin a cat but I think that the advice in this eBook teaches you the facts most efficient way of accumulating serious real estate wealthy quickly and easily.

In essence, I am teaching you to be successful by teaching you the nuts and bolts of putting together a deal after you have sold it to both parties involved (buyer and seller) by using effective and aggressive marketing techniques.