Never Be Paralyzed By Financial Problems Again!

In Serious Real Estate Wealth you will also read about all kinds of rags to riches stories that seemed to happen because individuals had the right attitude towards getting out of their financial hole.

Even if their financial situation was the metaphorical equivalent of digging themselves out of a twenty foot hole using nothing but a teaspoon they managed not only to survive but also to thrive as self-made real estate moguls!

Again and again I have seen proof that when it comes to making money in this way your mind is your most powerful key to success so in Serious Real Estate Wealth I devote an entire chapter to the importance of having a good attitude and having mental mastery over what you are doing. You will find out –
How to turn the improbable into the probable even if you do not have thousands of dollars to invest in the housing market

How you can train yourself to believe that you can put an extra five figures in your pocket each and every month and manage to do this while only putting in part time hours!

The difference between positive thinking and “wishful thinking” and how to put your strategies and plans into affect so you can see profits from your efforts

Why it is a big mistake (and a common one) to believe that managing real estate is too complex for you to handle

Why it is perceptually flawed to believe that anyone who IS making money from real estate investments is actually smarter than you!

Why working for yourself in this way turns you into the greatest equal opportunity employer ever because age, looks, gender and other “profiling” factors have nothing to do with your ability to make thousands and even millions of dollars

Why it is a mistake to think that selling a house is like winning the lottery – serious strategizing goes into mastering and sealing a real estate deal

Why hoping you will succeed is not the same as being proactive about succeeding

Why it is impossible to have a negative mindset if every single move you make is based on fact rather than wishful thinking

How to focus on where you are going with this real estate business and how you are going to get there

How to set genuine objectives for where you would like to take your real estate business

Why it is so important to establish with 100% clarity exactly what you want to achieve when operating your business

Why the mental trick of focusing on what to do with money rather than focusing on the money itself can help you succeed

How to convince your subconscious mind that you are going to be successful and banish negativity about making money forever

How to physically visualize your goal and remind yourself of it every day

Why it physically helps to tell yourself three or four times every day that you are going to achieve our objective

How you can be helped by gurus like Robert Kivosaki and Tony Robbins

How to behave like a true real estate professional’

How to prep yourself to deal with people from all walks of life ranging from layers to loan companies to people in debt to the very rich

…and much more sound, solid and sensible information about how to train your mindset so that you are successful at buying and selling real estate.

However don’t get the impression that Serious Real Estate is just a bunch of New Age hoky-poky. This is not an ebook about wishing your way to success. It a primer in the very practical side of running your real estate business.

In Serious Real Estate Wealth you will learn such practical things as –

Choosing what role you will play in this business which can require varying levels of commitment

Why it may not be such a good idea to be 100% hands on in your new business and do everything yourself

How to recognize which tasks are the most important ones for you to do and which ones could be outsourced or delegated to someone else

Why having a structured business plan in place is crucial to any business

How to think big when first formulating your business so you can make big money later

Where to find virtual assistants who can help you run your business

How to be a wholesale broker for dealing properties – otherwise known as flipping properties

Find out how you can bring someone who wants to sell a property with someone who wants to buy one and make big money

How to find suitable properties to sell and what questions to ask of an owner of a delinquent property

How to build a list of local property wholesalers to whom you can offer your services

How to use both the internet and the newspapers to find property ads submitted by desperate people who need to sell fast

What exactly you should say when approaching wholesalers

How to find properties by yourself by walking or driving around a local district

How to trace the owner of a rundown property and make a deal with them so they will sell

How to approach potential rehabbers who might be interested in buying and renovating run down properties

How to make sure the price of a property is low enough for both you and the rehabber you are selling it to make a profit on

How to capitalize on abandoned, vacant, vandalized or boarded Houses

How to make money off of older or uglier prosperities that nobody seems to want to buy

How to broker or sell prosperities that have been damaged by flood, fire or mold

How to offer to take an abandoned property off of someone’s hands

How to sell a property that already has a tenant in it

How to appear to rescue a property that an owner has had trouble fixing and flipping and successfully resell it

How to find areas in your region that might be a rich source of properties that are in need of fixing and flipping

How to know when you are flogging a dead horse when trying to sell a property

… and many more secrets from the professionals who work in this business.

However the whole point behind Serious Real Estate Wealth is that you do not have to be a professional to make money with it!